4D Wellness Online Workshop

Partnering with the PH360 Epigenetic Health Technology

Understand Your Genetics

Look After Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Epigenetic Profile - Food & Exercise for Your HealthType TM
  • Personalised Health Plan and access to Personalised Platform
  • Understand Your Stress and Practical Tools to Reduce
  • Lifestyle Tools to Help Mental Health and Emotions
  • Live 2.5 Hr Group Workshop
  • Look After You

Looking After Your Health & Wellbeing

Life has been hectic for many. What's more important than ever is to breathe, pause and reset. Self care, and looking after our physical health, mental wellbeing and emotions during these changing times is paramount.

Personalised Plan

PH360 is a world leader in Epigenetic Health Technology. Understand your genetics and learn what food, exercise and lifestyle choices are best. Understand your mindset, natural genius and what environment is best for you.

Group Workshop

Despite the physical distancing we can still socially connect which is so important for our wellbeing! In this live zoom workshop Angela will take you through the results and how to implement your personalised plan along with lifestyle tools to reduce stress and look after our mental health and emotions.

We have partnered with PH360 world leaders in Epigenetic Health Technology.Understand Your Epigenetic Profile. We are all unique. Our genes + our environment + Lifestyle = YOU. Understand You.

Learn what food, exercise and lifestyle choices are best for you and your body. Personalised foods to support your immune system.

Mindset and Emotional Wellness impact our health hugely. Learn some lifestyle tools to navigate changing stressful times and release some happiness hormones.

Lifestyle hacks to reduce stress, understand your key needs for calm and connect to you.

A Group Workshop lead by Angela where you will leave feeling energised, connected and inspired along with a greater understanding of you and what you can do for your wellbeing. Oh and it will be fun.

Hear From Some Clients Who Have Gone 4D...

I had the pleasure of attending Ang's Going 4D workshop over the weekend. It was pure magic! Ang is such a skilled presenter it felt like we were all in the same room. Ang is a world leader in her field and it really shone through in the workshop. So much information and practical tips shared but in a way that I could digest and actually apply straight away. I left the workshop feeling lighter, with renewed energy and a bucket load of skills and tips to use straight away. If you are after an amazing, holistic and fun way to support your health and wellbeing then I'd highly recommend working with Ang!

Louise Forward

Women's Health Expert

“Angela helped me make a difference, she put me on a path to achieve my greatest goal and she effectively changed my life. She is truly remarkable and if you are ready to take the journey, I can assure you she delivers one hell of a ride”

Rebecca Liccardi

National Banking Executive

What a weekend!! What an opportunity to learn more about myself, what makes me tick, and how I can become the best version of myself and be fulfilled mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to reset and reconnect with who they fundamentally as well as rediscover what makes them happy and content to live their best possible life!!
Life’s short...what’s possible??!!

Kylie Ives

National Sales Champion

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years in exercise physiology and holistic health I have been fortunate to coach some of the world's most successful people. I've developed an international team of health coaches, spoke internationally and mentored award winning trainers. In 2015, my life changed forever when my son Will was born and also passed away at 104days old. I was blessed a year later with my daughter Liv. My journey led me to go deeper within emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. I have studied and collaborated with some of the worlds best to bring 4D Wellness to the world. Having been through some very tough times i want to support you looking after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and share the 'Will to Liv' during these challenges. Let's do this together

4D Health & Wellbeing Group Workshop

plus Genetic Profile & Personalised Plan  

You will receive: - 

An epigenetic self assessement, epigenetic profile and 1 month access to the cutting edge personalised platform - personalised food lists, recipes, meal plans, personalised exercise programs, lifestyle, mindset and more.... Valued @ $185

Personalised Immune Support Protocol Valued @ $47

A 2 and half hour Online Group Workshop with Angela sharing her latest tools, practical takeaways, expertise and taking you through the results. Valued @165

*** Next Workshop Date Coming Soon ***

(5 - 7.30am Uk, 8 - 10.30am Mauritius, 12 - 230pm Singapore, 4 - 6.30pm NZ time)

$397 - $97AUD (A one off opportunity at this price to support the community)

** Below is a short video showing some of the info you will get with Epigenetic Profile **

Any questions please email angela@angelalee.com.au

Here is what some more people had to say about working with Angela....

“Sometimes someone comes into your life whom you don’t realise at the time how influential and powerful their existence in your life will be. Someone who radiates an abundance of spirit, hope, generosity and compassion. Someone who impacts your life in a way that allows you to access the greatness and opportunity in yours”

Corinne Austin

Owner Fit Fix

I've been mentored by Angela for over 4 years - so thats an indicator of the value of her coaching sessions. Before I started monthly coaching with Ange, I was an exhausted working mum who lacked confidence, self belief & frequently run down. I knew I could do better, I just didnt have the road map on how to get there. Now heading into my 5th year working with her, I now have the skill set to heal myself (rarely sick & run down), increased confidence & net income & much clearer about where I want to go in this industry & how to get there.
No matter your tenure in this industry, if you want resilience & longevity, Ange is definitely worth chatting to.

Ginera Linton-Ozich

Owner Vitality Health Solutions

Ange has mentored and coached me over the past few years and has helped me fine tune my purpose, break down many of the barriers she discusses with Cam and given me the tools to take action quickly. From a business perspective we have collaborated on a program using PH360 and as a result we are now working with clients in NZ, Australia, US and Europe. BIG thanks to Ange for opening some fun doors for me over the past few years. Have a chat with her and see what doors she can open for you.

Neil Wagstaff

Owner Peak Health & Fitness and Running Hot Coaching

And more testimonials here .... https://4dwellness.com.au/hear-from-clients/