Blood Chemistry

& Lifestyle Intervention

For Personal Trainers and Coaches

Understand Key Blood Markers from a Functional Health

Perspective To Support Lifestyle Intervention

  • Overview of a Functional Approach To Wellness
  • Understand Common Blood Markers and What They Tell Us
  • Learn Functional Ranges and Patterns of Key Markers
  • How to Apply Lifestyle Intervention
  • Learn to Incorporate Into Your Business
  • Access to Blood Chemistry Templates and Resources
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Humans are Complex

Humans are complex. What is going on inside the body has a profound effect on the results your clients are getting. Understanding some common blood chemistry markers from a functional perspective to help provide solutions for your clients to improve their energy and vitality. Often they are told they are 'normal', but we know what 'normal' is.

Lifestyle Intervention

Tailor more specific lifestyle intervention based on what is currently happening inside your clients. Whether that be focussing more on hydration, reducing stress, eating certain foods with particular nutrients or changing the intensity of exercise we are giving, our blood chemistry provides greater insight.

6 Week Online Course

The course will be delivered over Zoom as a live lecture with Q & A following. This is the only time the course will be delivered live before moving to an online module. There will be small homework tasks each week and you will be required to complete a blood chemistry analysis on yourself to complete the course

Week 1 – Introduction to a Functional Approach to Lifestyle Intervention

Understand the philosophy of functional health.

You will be provided with a Blood Chemistry Template and taught how to use

Week 2 - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Understand key functional markers from the most common blood panel and appropriate lifestyle Intervention.

Week 3 - Liver and Gut Health Markers

Understand what blood markers tell us about two important organs.

You will learn markers of liver congestion and how to approach the major detoxifier of the body.

You will also learn patterns of nutrient deficiencies, inflammation and infections in relation to gut function

Week 4 - Thyroid Panels

A healthy thyroid is needed for the healthy metabolism of all cells of the body.

Understand key thyroid patterns, common causes and how to approach with Lifestyle intervention

Week 5 - Key Markers of Fatigue

Low energy and fatigue is one of the most common client complaints.

You will learn the specific markers and patterns that contribute to client fatigue and how to approach with simple lifestyle intervention.

Week 6 - Case Study and Packaging into Business

You will be taken through case study and how to package within your business

You will also be required to complete the blood chemistry template, overview and lifestyle intervention plan for you and a case study to pass the course


Meet Angela - Mum, International Presenter and Consultant, Corporate Speaker, ‘Will to Liv’ Podcast Host and founder of the 4D Wellness Program.  Angela is known for bringing cutting edge information and concepts, great energy and leaving her audiences inspired. Her expertise is in personal development, lifestyle coaching, and functional health where she takes a personalised 4-dimensional approach to wellness. With over 20 years of experience, Angela has coached leaders around the world, mentored award winning trainers and developed a team of Coaches in Australia, NZ and Asia. Her work has been featured across major US media outlets and she has provided expert commentary in leading publications in Australia and Asia.

She is passionate about giving back through her charity movements #WilltoLiv and #104Will

Hear from some client's who have worked with Angela .....

Blood Chemistry

& Lifestyle Intervention  

Enrollments Closed

You will receive: - 

6 Weeks of Live Lectures and Q & A with Angela

Blood Chemistry Template and Resources

A Package to Incorporate Into Your Business

Starting Thursday 11th June at 11am Qld time, 1pm NZ time for 75min.

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