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Presenter - Angela Lee Jenkins

June 11th

Programming To Increase Happiness Hormones


"Choose You" Retreat Gold Coast Feb 8-9th 2020 - SOLD OUT 

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One weekend to Choose You, Connect to You and Transform You. Imagine what life would be like for you if you woke up with energy and vitality, free from aches and pains, clarity for the day ahead with a sense of purpose and joy. #whatspossible We are all unique and all have a unique purpose and gift to share with the world. Over this inspiring weekend we will delve into your geneteics, reason for being, and introduce the 4 dimensions of wellness - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. There will be practical activities and some new and fun experiences. Laughter and Joy is a top priority. You will understand your uniqueness and yourself on a much deeper level and leave with a personalised action plan and 'will to liv' your most fulfilling life. Find out more here

FILEX Fitness Convention May 1-3rd

Sydney, Australia

4D Wellness Mentroship Program - Immersion

Immerse in the 4D You 2 Days on the Gold Coast Understand the 4D Human Being Movement Workshop Hero's Journey - Personal and Business Self Care, New Experiences

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NZ Fitex Auckland November 22nd-24th 2019

Lifestyle Habits Auckland Thursday 21st November 2019 

Recent Events

Purposeful Performance Auckland Day Workshop Friday November 22nd 2019

Asia Fitness Conference 

In this Fitex Pre-conference workshop we will  

Uncover your natural genius (strengths) and Ikigai (reason for being) ‘Best You’ Management – You are centre to everything. Health – Strategies to Optimise your health Review Your Business – are you working to your strengths? What’s Possible?- Think Outside the Box Business Brainstorm Session – leave with an action plan to implement in your business Accountability Tools 

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