4D Wellness - Mentorship Program

4D Wellness - A New Era of Caching is a first of its kind. The program not only integrates personal, business and technical components but does so across 4 dimensions - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While also collaborating with world experts who are delivering some of the most cutting edge information. 

In this program there is a big focus on growing YOU 4 dimensionally, Each month we will embody one dimension of wellness to live, breathe and transform. You will be supported by a powerful mastermind aimed at collaboration and raising the collective energy and performance of the group. 

The retreat on the Gold Coast is not just a retreat but an immersion into understanding and applying 4 dimensional wellness combined with experiences. We also work through the hero's journey to connect you to 'your story' and get on your purposeful path. (The retreat is also available seperately for those just wanting to experience a 4D Retreat) 

Every month we will have some pretty awesome education. Check out the educators below. An amazing mix of science, research, clinical experience and eastern and western philospohies. Each sesion will have takeaways either for you personally and/or your business. This is the 'best of' coming your way. 

World Class Education 4dimensions of Education Monthly Sessions Include: Dr Perry Nickelston – Stop Chasing pain Dr Stewart Gillespie– Functional Medicine David Fraser- Neuroscience Jan Hutnan – Institute Of Motion Thea Baker – Women’s Health Expert Michela D'Addario - The Spiritual Strategist Dr Nicholas Blewett Chinese Medicine Dr Tanya Fraser– Business and Finance


Immerse in the 4D You 2 Days on the Gold Coast Understand the 4D Human Being 4D Movement Hero's Journey - Personal and Business Self Care, New Experiences

Monthly Mastermind  

Grow and Expand the 4D You Surround Yourself with a Powerful Mastermind Implement 4D Practices - Self Personal and Business Alignment Coaching the 4D client Accountability Personalised focus

Ready to go 4D? You:

✔︎Have a growth mindset and are committed first and foremost to growing themselves 4 dimensionally ✔︎ Accept responsibility and understand that their personal, business and life results are a reflection of their own personal growth ✔︎ Understand that the human being is unique and 4 dimensional and ready to take a 4D Approach to Wellness ✔︎ Are open minded, with a passion for exploring, learning and implementing new concepts ✔︎ Are committed to making a difference in the world and sharing their unique gifts ✔︎ Wants to be a part of a powerful mastermind and is committed to collaboration and contribution  

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