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"Wellness Now" Weekend Immersion A New Era in Wellness

  • 2 Day Wellness Imersion Experience 
  • Leave Living a New Way of Being
  • Unlock Wellness Wisdom From Within 
  • Movement Essentials to Move with Ease
  • Lift Your Mindset, Emotions and more.... 

Shine From the Inside and Out

To be able to glow, radiate and shine on the outside we need to attend to the workings on our inside. By simplifying a topic that can often be complex (health) we can awaken and enhance systems within us that may have been dormant or damaged for quite some time. Gentle, simple and effective strategies and tips can go a long way in gifting our bodies the healing energies they need. Feel lighter, more free, more relaxed, and more energised. Rediscover the inherent ability you have to THRIVE.

Movement and Mobility solutions  

How our body moves and feels is heavily influenced by daily lifestyle stressors: experience time efficient, intelligent movement, that can unlock tension to FREE your body to achieve lifestyle aspirations.

Wellness is More Than Physical. 

Our Mental and Emotional state affects our overall wellbeing enormously from body tension to hormonal disruptions. Understanding this and simple tools you can apply to shift your state is a gamechanger. Gain clarity of mind, energy and a feeling of lightness and joy to your being. 

Wellness Can Start Now.

WELLNESS Now is an invigorating and uplifting weekend experience dedicated to informing, educating and upskilling you on the multi-dimensional nature of true wellness. Angela, Ginera and Corinne are three extraordinary and passionate leaders in their own niche areas of wellness and cannot wait to bring you the latest and most cutting-edge information to this weekend workshop so that you can take it away and experience for yourself true wellness, now.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about living our best life by creating and capturing a body and spirit that is full of happiness, vitality and freedom. We acknowledge fully that to do this we must address the multi-dimensional elements and interconnectedness of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Although we’re about understanding the depths of each of these elements, what we enjoy the most is bringing to the surface and practicing the most simple yet brilliant aspects of each of these. From moving with joy and intelligence, understanding how our emotions manifest in physical dimensions, to the criticality of the lymphatic system in helping us shine – and everything in between – we have an appreciation of wellness that is quite simply, spectacular. They say, ‘knowledge isn’t power; the application of knowledge is power.’ We have the knowledge, and we have the applications – and we long to teach this to others. This is what wellness means to us today, it is wellness NOW.

The Wellness Now Weekend Immersion

Here is what we will inspire you with:

Stress, Gut Health and Inflammation 

- An overview of stress and gut health and what to do about it - An understanding of inflammation and how it displays in your body - An appreciation of immune system pathways and tips to help yours - Happy Body ideas and how to consistently nurture a Happy Body  

Mindset and Emotional Wellness  

- Understand the impact Emotions have on our physiology and structure - Meet your happiness hormones and how to increase them - Overview of Happiness research and learn simple techniques that can shift our emotional state - Understand how lifestyle choices and the environment can influence our emotions

Live in Alignment  

 Introduction to building new neural pathways - The Power of Heart and brain coherence and learn simple techniques to improve this - An introduction to values and purpose and the impact on our health. Live more in alignment  


Lymphatic and Vagus Nerve Secrets.

- An introduction to the power of the Vagus Nerve - Vagal Toning activities for your toolbox - An introduction to the Lymphatic System - Lymphatic system strategies for easy daily maintenance .

Move Intelligently

- Essential activation exercises to light your muscles up like a Christmas tree - Movement to match your mood, nourish and revitalise your body - Experience highly effective, time efficient movement for all ages .

Move with Ease

- Understand how to unlock the four key movement platforms of your body - Learn key mobilisers that can release tension through fluid movement - Experience the power of breath to nourish the body, shift tension and enhance mood .

Meet the 4D Wellness Team

We’re working Mums who have lived and breathed this industry for more than 50yrs between us (I know, we look too young right?!). Becoming Mums we discovered many new layers to this fitness and wellness thing, and it drove us to know and understand more about the very things that ourselves and other close ones struggle with. By experiencing our own stresses, struggles, challenges and traumas in this mothership role we were very keen to find ways to cope, to understand, and to overcome the various mental and physical demands placed upon us. For us it’s an engrained passion, so the process of seeking new understanding was a joy for us. We not only were able to help ourselves with our own issues, but we knew the new-fangled knowledge would help us help others in our professions too. So it’s been a win win. That’s not to say we haven’t had our fair share of tough or heart-breaking moments, because we have, but our will triumphs.

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, I have coached, moved and inspired people to a more vital, happier and healthier wellbeing. After dad passed with cancer (44 years old), as a distraction, I professionally drove myself with work and further education. This behaviour led me to a place of exhaustion. I then became a mother of two children and returned to work after both pregnancies adding further stress to my life. As a health professional and a parent, I recognised and embarked on my own wellness journey, successfully leading myself from exhaustion, to ensure I am there for my children throughout their lives. My professional passion is to inspire people towards sustainable healthy lifestyle practises, to ensure the freedom to live a vital and fulfilling life.  

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years in exercise physiology and holistic health I have been fortunate to coach some of the world's most successful people. I've developed an international team of health coaches, spoke internationally and mentored award winning trainers. In 2015, my life changed forever when my son Will was born and also passed away at 104days old. I was blessed a year later with my daughter Liv. My journey led me to go deeper within emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. I have studied and collaborated with some of the worlds best to bring 4D Wellness to the world. My life work is dedicated to inspiring the "Will to Liv" your most fulfilling life. For some 104days is a lifetime….so let's get Wellness Now.

My name is Corinne Austin, and I am the Happy Body Coach. I am about happy bodies; happy bodies is my name and my game. A ‘Health and Movement Coach’ with a passion for professional education which helped to unlock, discover and unleash my deepest and more pure passion – seeking happy bodies. Knowing that sickness, pain and disease is continuing to climb, despite ongoing medical advances, and that lifestyle-type diseases now kill more people than any other cause of death, I see the absolute potential there is to help. By understanding the intricate aspects and nuances of our health that aren’t shared widely, we can most certainly make inroads in our own wellness and create our own potential for healing our bodies so that we can truly thrive.

Wellness Now Weekend Immersion  

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